Although Lilliput was known for its tasteful black and white art photographs, it shouldn’t be thought of as solely a men’s magazine. I do however have a page devoted to these period lovelies!

Lilliput magazine was packed with interesting writing, art and photography. The humour of the cartoons stands the test of time and even the advertising gives the 21st century reader a picture of how the nation lived in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

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A Sunday morning stroll around our local car boot here in breezy North Norfolk led me to an interesting box of ‘joy’ in the form of a small collection of the pocket sized magazine, spawned in the 1930’s entitled Lilliput Magazine.

Although my little collection has suffered from damp storage for a while, the striking cover art gives a small clue to the treasure of art, writing, humour and vintage glamour within!

A little research led me to the excellent Wikipedia listing. Lilliput was first published in 1937, only a short period before WW2 and continued right through the war under a few owners until its eventual end in 1960 when it merged into ‘Men Only’ ( which was at the time a similar pocket general interest magazine ...not the later ‘girlie’ incarnation)